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AI Video Analyzer for Realtime

Quickly and effectively unlock more insights from your Realtime video recordings with the new AI-powered Video Analyzer for Realtime.

What is it?

AI Video Analyzer for Realtime is a new feature in itracks Realtime reporting which uses a rich set of machine learning algorithms to extract more insights from your interview and focus group video recordings. Simply put, itracks has embraced AI, and is using it to help you get more insights, faster. 

The new Video Analyzer is currently in its Beta version, and is available to all Annual Subscribers of itracks Realtime. To have the feature activated, simply speak to your account rep or contact our Sales department. We'll do the rest.

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AI Video Analyzer for Realtime Features


Translate automatically generated transcripts into more than 60 different languages. 

Interactive Transcripts

Make inline edits, search for key words or phrases in the transcript, and automatically jump to that portion of the video.

Sentiment Analysis

Compare levels of positive and negative sentiments which were expressed and automatically identified throughout the conversation.

Emotion Detection

Automatically detect different emotions like joy and anger via transcript analysis. 

Named Entities
Named Entities

Identify locations, people and brands that were mentioned over the course of the conversation. 

Speaker Identification

Identify and name different speakers throughout the transcript.

Sweet! How do I use it?

Once activated in your account, you will be able to access the Video Analyzer for the Group recordings in all of your video projects (yes, even past ones if you can't wait to try it out!).

To use it, navigate to the Reports page for your project, and click on the "Analyze this Video" button. The Video Analyzer will launch in a new window, and you can get to work extracting those insights.

More information on using this new feature can be found in the itracks Knowledge Base article linked below. 

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