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Who won Canadian leaders' debate?

Watch undecided Canadian voters' reactions to the debate in an itracks Realtime focus group. 

We used the industry’s most advanced real-time research platform to see what voters thought about the debate of 2021 elections in real time. 

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itracks Realtime is an agile and easy-to-use platform

  • No plugins or downloads are necessary to access our platform that can be used to run interviews, video focus groups, and text groups
  • Designed with you, the user, in mind, Realtime feels familiar even if you've never used it before. Participants, Observers, and Moderators each have their own interface with exactly what they need and nothing more, for a streamlined experience.
  • Leverage the unique virtual backroom that allows clients and stakeholders to do more than just observe. Interact with one another and the moderator via video and text, for unmatched engagement and input in the process.