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How to Master Online Qualitative Research

Explore the most efficient research methods, learn how to address common challenges and maximize participant engagement in this free eBook.

eBook Cover Online Qualitative Research

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The world of online qualitative research has seen tremendous growth over the last two years. Although big data provides baseline information on consumer demographics and when and how they are making purchases, qualitative research is attracting the attention of big brands and small businesses across multiple industries because in-depth conversations are needed to understand the underlying psychology and motivations of consumers. We are seeing rapid shifts in consumer behaviour, but the motivations that drive behaviours are stable. Qualitative research bridges the gap in understanding the why’s behind consumer behaviour needed to chart the future.

Discover rich, deep insights and stay in the know regarding the most efficient research methods, tips, and tricks. This eBook covers it all. Read it to learn:

  • The fundamental elements of a successful research
  • Most popular and effective research methods and how to pick the right one for your project purpose
  • How to address the most common research challenges
  • How to present Online Qual options to your stakeholders based on their benefits
  • Best practices to recruit quality participants
  • How to maximize participant engagement
  • How to moderate real-time focus groups and online discussion boards 

“I can tell you that itracks ROCKS!” 

Jeff Bierer, President, Bierer Research GroupBoard